Geowave- Wave of life

Geowave- Wave of life




The unique patented GeoWave® is a high-tech product. It acts on the basis of their shape, surface structure and the specific material composition and serves to strengthen the body's energy, to improve air quality, including harmonization of geopathic stress zones for humans, animals and plants.

Positive effects of the unique biophysical Geowave and stressful impact of fault zones are scientifically proven, topped with studies from universities in several countries and published in prestigious medical and scientific journals.

The GeoWave®

⇒ promotes restful, uninterrupted Schlaf

⇒ ensures greater concentration and Erfolg

⇒ reduces stress and provides more Ruhe

⇒ help you to stay healthy or to accelerate the healthy werden

accelerates recovery

reduced Sick leave days

⇒ contributes to improved athletic performance in

⇒ leads to faster Regeneration

⇒ shows significant anti-aging effects

The GeoWave® makes a perfect atmosphere

Match your style of living itself offer many beautiful solutions - from simple, elegant aluminum design to a chic gold model.

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