Like your big brothers and sisters, the mini wave positive effects on the nervous, immune, organ systems, stress level and your well-being. *

It acts on the basis of their shape, surface structure and the specific material composition and serves to strengthen the body's energy.

The mini wave is about 9.5 inches long, 6 inches wide and covered with 24 carat gold. It requires no special installation, but can easily be plugged into the visor on the driver or passenger side, thus harmonizing your vehicle in the same manner as the Geowave this makes in your home or business. Optionally, the mini wave can also be positioned in the center console or in the glove compartment.


Another application is in addition to vehicles, for example, the desk in the office, the desk in the nursery with concentration and learning disability or bedside table in the hotel room.

* Highly visible here with the biopulsar Reflexograph more about the technology

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