miniWave- The mobile Geowave

miniWave- The mobile Geowave

miniWave - Geowave to go





  • You do not sleep well?
  • You can not concentrate?
  • You are always sickly?
  • Your performance could be better?

If any of these questions apply to you then we can help you!


Latest biophysical knowledge combined with modern technology


Our with 24k gold plated mini wave!



Like the big Geowave, the mini wave has a positive effect on the nervous, immune and organ systems, as well as on stress levels, thereby improving your well-being. The effect of our great wave, the patented Geowave, has already been supported by studies from universities in several countries, which have been published in prestigious medical and scientific journals.


It acts on the basis of their shape, surface structure and the specific material composition and serves to strengthen the body's energy. The applications are numerous. The new mini wave is our Geowave on the go - eg for the car, the desk in the office or nursery, the handbag, the hiking or school backpack and more.




We bring it to you to the point. Thanks to our ongoing research we announce:

Not only customers confirm the effectiveness of our products, also science.




New HRV measurements (heart rate variability with nilas MV) under medical advice of Dr. med. Kelly show a significant improvement, with the Geowave, including the Bodyhealth in a few minutes.


Measurement on 24/10/2014 10:30 clock (excerpt from the measurement results) without Geowave


Measurement on 24/10/2014 10:36 clock (excerpt from the measurement results) with Geowave




"The HRV is a very good way (gold standard) to objectify stress or the impact of stressors, making the patient more credibility is given with respect to their complaints."




Feedback of one of our Partners

SAMINA Produktions- und Handels GmbHLOGOclaim_cmyk



"The healthy, restful sleep is the most important factor for health, well-being, vitality, power and joy of life. The quality of sleep is mainly from the "Healthy sleep Trio" bed frame / Sleep System - Sleeps - bed room dependent. This can cause serious disruption disharmonious environmental influences on sleep space as electromagnetic, interference, natural stimulus zones etc. the quality of sleep and rest. Both the collaboration with Mr. Masching (ImproVITA- Improve your vitality) and with the GeoWave technology on the harmonization of beds we have very good experiences."


Schlafpsychologe Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, SAMINA-Gründer



Area of application:

Ideal for restless nights in the hotel

The handling is very simple, put the mini wave with the wider side aligned next to the baby, child or even the adults. The harmonization radius is about 1-2m. That's it.

We wish you a good and restful sleep!

Adorable family snoozing together


In your personal and work purposes Cars


  auto miniwaveDSC_0761

It requires no special installation, but can easily be plugged into the visor on the driver or passenger side, thus harmonizing your car in the same manner as the Geowave this makes in your home / business. Optionally, the mini wave can also be positioned in the center console or in the glove compartment. Please note, always ensure that the mini wave is well fixed. **


Geowave Transport




Hiking or school backpack

rucksack schüler



Another application is, for example, the desk in the office, the desk for children with concentration / learning disability. Again, the mini wave is aligned with the wider side in the direction of the person.


kind büro1







The Mini Wave always with you!








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miniWave - Geowave to go

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